"Chopper Challenge"

We here at ODC got a chance to hang behind the scenes of the filming of Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios in Novato, CA as he took part in the Chopper Challenge which is a competition between 9 top bike builders. We arrived early on Wednesday to find Kirk and his team of Mike Miller, who is the Master Mechanic of Custom Design Studios with over 25 years as a "registered" Harley Davidson Mechanic, Greg Westbury of "Westbury Handcrafted Motorcycle" of Concord, CA & Satya Krauss of "Krauss" from Cazadera, CA. These guys are some the best in the business and the Bay Area.

Kirk Taylor has been in the business of custom paint & choppers for over 10 years. Kirk is one of nine motorcycle builders who are from all over California, Arizona & Phoenix tasked with building a theme motorcycle for a reality bike- building TV Show called, "The Chopper Challenge" which is airing on CMT - Country Music Television beginning May.

All the bike parts, including the frame, motor, transmission and wheels, were provided my the show's producer, V Entertainment Groups of Beverly Hills.

The winner of the Chopper Challenge will be decided my you, the fans, so logon to : and place your vote for your favorite chopper.

Kirk was tasked with building a promotional bike for GEICO INSURANCE in 30 days. Word has it that Scott Long is tasked with creating a motorcycle that can be used as a promotional tool for the upcoming "Incredible Hulk" movie starring Edward Norton. Long's bike-building episode will also appear as one of the bonus features on the movie's DVD.

April 16th. Kirk and his team roll the green GEICO INSURANCE motorcycle off the rack and into the driveway just outside Custom Design Studios, as the film crew was taping Kirk turned the key...

The tension and stress levels were running high, it was like watching 4 new fathers waiting for their first child to be born, but they all had a look of concern that their baby was ok and would come out kicking. All hoses, spark plugs, fluids, gas, battery, wiring, and other bits & bobs were going to all come together and the sweet sound of a new custom chopper would fill the air.

I spoke with Eric Vaden of GEICO who told me that they have five (5) theme choppers on display around the world but this is by far the most impressive one they have had made. I asked Eric what made you, "GEICO" want to be a part of this chopper challenge, he said; "We are all bikers at heart. We love the art, engineering and performance these builders put into their custom creations. It's a true dream to be a part of such a build for us", Eric also told me that they had no say in who built what bike, it was all up to the producer, which he said made it all more exciting and anticipation to our deal. Eric told me that they will certainly show it off at some of their motorcycle and Powersports events around the country but ultimately we will auction it off to benefit one of our favorite children's charities. "We love the kids!" he said.

They have not made any special plans to unveil the bike to the public as of yet, and even Eric who is in Motorcycle & Powersports Marketing for GEICO has not even seen the bike yet.

I want to say thanks to Kirk & Lisa and all the people involved with this project for allowing us here at ODC to checkout the behind the scenes action. And thanks Eric for the info. Hopefully one day the GEICO will grace our pages.